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Loose White Tea

Loose White Tea


Specifically selected to pair with Florida Orange Blossom Honey. 

White Peony (Bai Mudan) White Tea, Fujian Province of China
This succulent tea from the northern Fujian Province of China has rich fruit blossom aroma and is a favorite among white tea drinkers. This tea was grown and processed on the grounds of the Fujain Tea Research Institiute, in a valley blanketed with white tea varietals.  This varietal is called Fuding Da Hao; made from delicate young leaves, this tea is gently handled from harvest to cup. 

White Peony White Tea Jar, 0.6 oz

Steeping the perfect cup:  Fill your kettle with fresh, filtered water. Bring it to just short of a boil, and use a bit to preheat your teapot or cup. Place 2 tablespoons of leaves per 6 oz cup (experiment to find your perfect amount) into your pot or infusing basket.  Pour water over the leaves and steep for 2 - 3 minutes. Remove the leaves and serve.