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The World's 60 Best Burgers... Period

The World's 60 Best Burgers... Period

What makes a truly great burger? Too often, we think of a burger as just a hot sandwich, eaten in a hurry at a fast-food-style restaurant. But an honest-to-goodness great burger can be—and should be—so much more. This collection features the world's 60 best burgers, putting burgers back on the menu and proving that burgers are a sophisticated medley of flavors balanced between two slices of bread, succulent towers of color and complex tastes, decadent edible odes to pure indulgence.

In The World's 60 Best Burgers... Period, discover bold flavors and new twists on America's favorite food, as well as the best ingredient combinations, new techniques, and foolproof tips and tricks, accompanied by stunning photos that will tempt your taste buds.

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